TSTMP: Target Selection for human TransMembrane Proteins


    a database designed to help the target selection of human transmembrane proteins for structural genomics projects. The database contains human transmembrane proteins with two or more transmembrane segments considering the existence of an exact 3D structure, or the possibility of an existing model structure for the protein, or the necessity of a new structure for modeling the protein. The database was built by sorting out human proteins with known structure and searching for suitable model structures for the remaining proteins. Proteins without 3D structure or proper model structure were then searched for homologues among the human transmembrane proteins to select targets whose successful structure determination would lead to the best structural coverage of the human transmembrane proteome.

For further details refer to our manuscripts.

TSTMP can be

    downloaded either by selecting the whole database or various subset of the database in XML format. The database can be searched by identifiers, number of homologous entries in the Human Transmembrane Proteome, number of homologous entries in the TargetTrack database or status of the corresponding TargetTrack entry.

Evidence levels


Target Track statuses

 selected, cloned or expressed
 solubilized or purified
 crystallized or HSQC satisfactory
 XRAY, NMR or ERAY data collected
 model fitted
 in structure database