TSTMP: Target Selection for human TransMembrane Proteins

Easy targets for modeling

Easy targets for modeling protein are those 'modelable' TMPs that have homologue PDBTM entries with over 50% sequence identity measured on transmembrane segments. The entries below are sorted according to the sequence identity of TMSs.

Number of entries: 237
#IdentifierName#TM segments#TargetTrack#Homologues (targets)Cluster
1 Glutamate receptor 43311 (0)0028
2 ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C2, mitochondrial202 (0)0369
3 Neuropeptide Y receptor type 57212 (0)0005
4 Parathyroid hormone/parathyroid hormone-related peptide receptor7214 (0)0084
5 Uncharacterized protein215 (0)0149
6 C-C chemokine receptor type 27253 (0)0005
7 ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C3, mitochondrial202 (0)0369
8 ATP synthase F(0) complex subunit C1, mitochondrial202 (0)0369
9 Neuropeptide Y receptor type 17231 (0)0005
10 Neuropeptide Y receptor type 27359 (0)0005
... ...

Evidence levels


Target Track statuses

 selected, cloned or expressed
 solubilized or purified
 crystallized or HSQC satisfactory
 XRAY, NMR or ERAY data collected
 model fitted
 in structure database